Coins I found interesting

I have researched a fair amount of currencies and here is the list of what I want to purchase

I have included 3 sections

1. Traditional coins you need to follow as they tend to be the reference, ie Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin

2. Those I found capable of growth while still being at a very affordable level

3. ICO that I am carefully following


What is in this list

  1. The coins in the green section of section 2 have real growth potential and very little risk to fail, however this is medium term investment. Considering the low price, the strategy would be to acquire between 200 and 1000 of each

  2. Yellow section of section 2 is also quite interesting but higher price so left it a bit behind

  3. ICO section are happening now, DIMCOIN and Pillar will close July 15th,